About Us

An indie beauty brand that celebrates the Filipino culture

We are a new indie cosmetics line that aims to inspire love for the country with our flagship collection composed of an eyeshadow palette and two shades of nude lip glosses.

Filipinta is a portmanteau of "Filipina" and "pinta" which, when loosely translated, means "face paint for Filipinas". It was designed to encourage Filipinas to embrace modern makeup looks as well as cultivate appreciation for our local culture.


About the creators

Behind Filipinta are New York based visual artist and indie singer Hana ACBD; former model Jasel Donato and TV celebrity and host Joyce Pring.

Aside from having a penchant for cosmetics, the three high school best friends created the brand to promote the distinctive Philippine culture through beauty.


For more information, visit @filipintabeauty or facebook.com/filipintabeauty for more brand products and updates or contact Hana Kirchhoff at filipintabeauty@gmail.com.